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Working Chute and Alleyway – Patent Pending

Patent Pending

Our Working Chute and Alleyway is eight foot six inches (8’6”) wide in transport position. It has a hydraulic lift on a gooseneck hitch. It lifts to nine foot six inches (9’6”) off the ground when working livestock. It has a hydraulic lift on the axel to raise the unit fourteen inches (14”) above the ground into transport position. It will also raise the wheel and tires two inches (2”) off the ground to enable you to change a flat tire without a jack. There is a 12 Volt Hydraulic Pump with two control switches – One for the gooseneck and one for the axel lift. It has a 12 Volt Battery with a Solar Panel to keep the battery charged. A set of battery cables is provided for back-up in case the Solar Panel cannot keep up with the usage.

The Chute is manufactured by Cowco, Inc. It has a side squeeze on the head gate with right and left side exit panels. There is a palpation cage behind the chute. The chute and the palpation cage have rubber floors. There is a rolling tail gate behind the palpation cage.

The Unit has an adjustable Alleyway. The adjustment is on the left side and will adjust from eighteen inches (18”) inches to thirty-six inches (36”). The right side of the Alleyway has a gate with a spring loaded latch giving you the ability to release cattle if needed. The unit also has a flop gate allowing cattle to pass forward and keep them from backing out of the alleyway. The rear of the unit has two eight foot (8’) gates – one on each side that will swing back to tie in to other systems. View our Brochure

View the Brochure