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The Wing

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U.S. Patent # 9,622,453

PORTABLE CATTLE WING – Three Different Uses, One Compact Design – Wing/Two Side Pens/1 Large Rear Pen

In front of the cage are 2 gates in a V-shape. They are used to hold the cattle in the two pens. There is one pen on each side of the gooseneck frame.

The two pens on the side of the gooseneck starting from the cage is a 24’ panel with a 4’ walk-in gate. The #2 panel is 22’ long. The #3 panel is 12’ long.

Then off the side of the gooseneck panel are two more 12’ panels that unfold to complete the pens. This is done on both sides of the gooseneck panel. First fold the (2) 12’ panels on the side of the neck, and then they are lifted by 1900# winch. Then the three panels that are to be tied to the cage are folded as follows: Starting with 12’ panel fold first and hang by hook.

Then the 22’ panel is pushed around to the next panel, and lifted by the 1900# winch. 24’ panel is pushed in to the side of the gooseneck frame and lifted by the 1900# winch. Gooseneck hitch uses 2 5/16” ball and will travel up and down, 9” for different pull trucks. 10,000# jack to lift gooseneck. Stop, turn, and clearance light on rear of unit. The total unit weighs 8000#.

There is a total of 126’ 6” length of panels in wing design. The cage has double 6’ gates on each side of the rear. Cage has a fold down floor to tie the bottom of the cage when in transport. The fold down floor can also carry a 4-wheeler when needed. The cage is transported on (2) 31-10-50R-15 tires and 8” x 15” wheels.