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The Portable Corral

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The Cadillac of Portable Corrals!

The Diamond W Portable Corral is an asset that no Rancher should do without. There are two types of Portable Corrals. With the shape of the rail pipe being the main difference. First is the round tube design which is made from 1-7/8” 12 gauge round tube pipe with full double hinge construction allowing this unit to be set up on uneven terrain and still work easily and efficient. The second design is the square tube unit. This unit is constructed from 1-3/4” 11 gauge square tube and we turned it on edge to make the diamond shape this adds in the strength and rigidness of this unit. Other than heavier hinges on a square unit they are the same both come standard with a single 4’ walk through gate on the front left hand side and are 6’ high panel height. Up to three additional 4’ gates can be added to these units one on the front right panel and another on the right or left side of the number two panel giving you an escape if needed, or access to the outside from the rear of the unit these gates are added at an additional charge.

These units open to approximately 960 square feet and are now equipped with winches on the first and second panels for lifting ease. The new 9’ cut gate located on the inside of the unit makes sorting cattle faster and easier than ever supported with a 12’ rigid overhead this panel folds out to the center of the unit and latches to another 12’ panel creating a sorting or additional holding pen in the front of this unit.

The weight varies on these two units a little bit with the Round unit weighing roughly 5,200 lbs and the Square design coming in at around 6,200 lbs. The weight difference comes from the gauge of tubing we use in constructing these units. Both of these Corrals will handle the same number of cattle. We base our approximate number of head a unit can handle on cow/calf pairs and the Portable Corral will effectively hold 50 pairs or less and as the size and weight of the animal goes down the number that can be contained goes up.

When looking at these two designs and trying to figure which best suits your needs. Our clients have used both of these corrals in various different situations and have found that either unit can and will adapt well. However the Round unit was originally designed for the wheat grassers and the ranches running stockers, but also had to handle the size of the animals in the cow/calf operations. Which it does without a problem, but then the Square unit was built giving cow/calf ranchers a new option. Because of the heavier square tube and diamond design it can handle more stress and pressure from the larger animals. So keep that in mind as you weigh your options in deciding which corral best fits your operation.

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