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Livestock Sorting System

Cattle Sorting Equipment

The Diamond W Corral Sorting system will become a rancher’s favorite piece of equipment when it comes to sorting cattle or horses. This is a goose-neck unit that splits into two pieces for access in or out of the front. There is a 6’ alley way in the center of the unit that is 33’4” long. There is a total of 16 gates throughout the system, including the 2 10′ drive through gates.

On each end of the alley there are two sets of double 6’ gates that open between the split goose-neck hitch and between the rear axle assemblies.

The rancher has 2 sorting pens measuring 14’6” x 14’6” with a height of all panels at 6’ 2″. This gives the rancher the ability to tie into the sorting system with any type of portable corral or stock trailer in the field. This unit transforms into one single unit for transporting.

The unit’s hydraulic system will set the unit down on the ground and when ready to move lift it up for transport. The hydraulics are run by a 12 volt battery charged by a solar panel.

The system is assembled with spring-loaded latches on interior gates for added convenience! This system comes with 6 panels on each side for added space which means more cattle or horses gathered at once. All systems now include 2 – 4′ walk-in gates and 2 more can be added as an option.

When configured into 4 pens, two pens have gates and the other two pens have 1 – 10′ gate each. The flow of the cattle starts at the rear of the unit. There is a gate for each pen that will angle cattle into each of the 4 pens. This allows for separating the cattle as they are fed into the system.

After the cattle have been separated, if the rancher needs cattle in a different pen, there are gates that will open to let cattle angle across the alleyway or go straight across the alleyway.

After cattle are moved into separated groups then loading cattle through the front split goose-neck hitch and by using the double 6’ gates that fold out to stock trailers or working circle tubes can be done. This helps in the fact that a rancher can work cattle in the field without moving the whole heard to a different location to do the sorting and loading out.

Livestock sorting unit
  • Two hydraulic cylinders push a ½” x 12” x 8′ 6″ steel pad to raise front of goose-neck to drop on to a 2-5/16” ball.
  • Two hydraulic cylinders push the rear axle down allowing 12” ground clearance.
  • Walking I-beam carries the weight of the unit on rough ground. Electric brakes are on all four wheels. This unit weighs in at 10,280 lbs.
  • Two halves of the goose-neck interlock together with TWO 1” bolts for transporting.
  • This goose-neck hitch has an adjustment of 9”.
  • Panels are lifted on sides by 1900 lb winches and are carried by safety chains.
  • Splitting goose-neck hitch gives you the ability to load or unload cattle out the front of the unit.

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