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Cow Calf Corral with Expander Wings – Patent Pending


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The pieces you’ve been looking for have recently arrived to the Diamond W Corral line of portable cattle handling equipment. Each of 3 pieces attaches together to make one large unit. Each piece sold separately. One person can set up the corral in 10 minutes and each side pen can be set up in 10 minutes each for a total of a half hour.

The Cow-Calf Corral Expanders are made up of (6) 6’ tall double hinged panels, 3 on each end. The 46’ foot unit weighs a mere 5640 pounds and the basic frame is made from 4-1/2” drill stem casing pipe. Panels roll easily on (2)- 13” tires and (4) – 10” caster wheels. The (2) 4’ walk through gates ensure an easy exit from either end. The 2-5/16” ball hitch has multiple height adjustments allowing for easier transport. In the center of each Expander there are divide panels, (1) 15’ and (1) 16’ panel. These panels divide the pen into 2 smaller pens. The (4) outriggers, (2) on the main frame and (2) on the panels, dig into the ground when set up to work livestock. (2) 5000-pound jacks help stabilize the main frame when setting up on uneven ground. These units travel on (4) 11L15 implement tires on a walking axle assembly.

The 36’ long Cow-Calf Corral weighs 7,460 pounds, has dual rear wheels, and is pulled with a 2” ball hitch. This unit travels on (6) 11L15 implement tires. To add to the ease and safety of the setup, there are (2) 4’ personal gates and (6) 6’ cattle gates.

All units include additional safety features including rear stop, turn, and clearance transport lights and winches with safety chains. Chains help relieve the pressure on the winches and transfer the weight of the unit to the chains during travel. Winches reduce the amount of human power needed to set up and take down the unit. Keeping our traditional transport width of 8’ 6” was important to ensure highway transport is an option for all units.

These 3 pieces of equipment used together can hold or divide a large number of livestock. The livestock will flow through any pen and will not bother any of the other pens when loading out. Panels are easy to fold and unfold. Added features of the winches and chains ensure that tasks are completed safely and efficiently.

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