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Expansion in the Diamond W Corral Family

Wednesday, July 3rd, 2019

The new additions to the Diamond W Corral family, manufactured by Burlington Welding, LLC, have just arrived.​ Check out our newest units today!

​The Rectangular Tube unit (Brochure) is our stoutest unit yet, weighing an average of 7,300 pounds. This unit is made out of 3″ x 2″ 14 gauge rectangle tubing. Multiple gates add to the ease of movement in and around the unit while working your cattle. All rectangular tubing corrals have (3) 4′ walk through gates with spring latches and 2 divide gates, (1) 12′ gate and (1) 9′ gate in a 12′ gate frame. This unit is equipped with lights, a 2″ ball hitch, and a hitch jack for easy backing and hooking. The dual wheel axle helps ensure a smooth pull of the unit up to highway speeds.

The Diamond W Cattle Box (Brochure) has been designed to work in conjunction with our other Diamond W Corral products by connecting to 1 of 3 places on the Box. The Cattle box measures 8′ 6″ wide by 32′ long with a gooseneck hitch for a total transport length of 48′ long. All panels and gates are 6′ tall. Each unit has double 5′ 6″ wide rear gates and double 7′ wide front gates along with (2) 3′ wide alleyway gates. Adding to the ease of use are (2) 4′ walk through gates. The center divide gate is 12′ long and is covered with 4′ of 14 gauge sheet metal. All Diamond W Cattle Boxes are equipped with walking I-Beam suspension, electric brakes, 235×16 radial tires, and transport lights.

​These products can be set up as quickly and efficiently as our other corral tubing types, making your cattle handling tasks quick and easy.

​Contact us to find your perfect cattle handling fit and start to head out within minutes with our quality Diamond W Portable Products!

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